Indoor Air Quality

We launched the Sensilla IAQ index


The atmosphere in which we live is a complicated, chaotic and ever-changing system. Today with modern technology it is still difficult to predict with precision major pollution events or the weather more than a few days into the future.

As it is outdoors, so too is it indoors, where we spend perhaps up to 90% of our time - and where the picture is far less clear. Sources of air pollution indoors are far less apparent than outside, and the design of the building itself will play a major role in the quality of the air. Buildings typically exchange air with the outdoors, meaning that how fresh and clean one’s air can be is also limited by how good the air is outside. This is why monitoring of air quality is important, sensor technology allows us to see pollution that is invisible to our eyes and allows us to react in the appropriate way.

However, as air quality is judged on a number of different measurements, figuring out what it all means can be a challenge. How we should react to an excessive amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in a room will likely be different to how we react to particulate matter (PM) or volatile organic (TVOCS) and so forth but sometimes we simply need to know if the air in a room is fresh and clean without all the details.

The Sensilla solution to this issue is the new Sensilla IAQ index. The index is inspired by the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) well-known Air Quality Index or AQI, but is tailored by Sensilla specifically to indoor air quality measurements - with safety alert thresholds provided by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendations on air quality.

The Sensilla IAQ index describes the air in the room containing a Sensilla-compatible device using a color-coded, traffic-light system, and a number going from 0 (Excellent) to 100 (Bad). This allows you to see quickly and accurately which of your rooms has clean air and which may be ready for some improvements.

After all, if we don’t know there is a problem we cannot solve it.

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